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Marketing Camp

Boost your career in IT as a User Acquisition Manager!

Registration is closed! 
You will be able to participate next time.

key features


March 6, 2023


3 weeks





About the Camp

Think back to the last time you scrolled through your Facebook feed and saw an ad for a mobile app. Do you think it was random? But it actually was the work of a User Acquisition Manager.

This camp is part of the Welltech Academy and was created by leading Welltech UAMs. We will share with you the necessary theoretical and practical basis for digital advertising using Ads Manager.

During the camp, you will try out the role of User Acquisition Manager and then get the opportunity to join an IT company that improves the health of millions of people around the world.



We're looking for

  • Specialists with experience in marketing who want to be part of the IT community

  • Professionals with experience in areas like audit, analytics, finance and management who want to apply their knowledge and skills in IT and digital 

  • Anyone who wants to start a career as a User Acquisition Manager and promote health & fitness products

What you can expect 

During the training, you will be able to test your knowledge in practice in order to gain skills in working with Facebook advertising by launching ads with a real budget.


You will also learn how to analyze advertising campaign launches and make decisions on how to optimize them.


At the end, you will deal with a complex case where you can apply your knowledge in practice.





  • Ukrainian – fluent

  • English – B2 (Upper Intermediate) or higher 

Previous experience


  • In a system company with a corporate culture and established processes

  • In a marketing, audit, analytics, finance, FMCG, management or IT – would be a plus

  • Team/ project/ process management - would be a plus



  • Strong Excel/ Google Sheets skills

  • Analytical mindset and excellent knowledge of Math

  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing – would be a plus

  • Ability to work with task managers and communication tools (Asana, Slack, Teams)



  • High level of energy, proactivity, drive

  • Structural and systematic approach

  • Rapid learning of new things

  • Focus on development

  • Leadership skills and problem-solving

Week 1: theory

01. mon

Basic information about Facebook Ads Manager

02. tue

Introduction to mobile marketing

03. wed

How to manage and optimize ad campaign

04. thu


05. fri

Basic optimization

Week 2: practice

06. mon

Creating campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager (basic)

07. tue

Creating campaigns in Facebook Ads Manager (practice)

08. wed

How to target the right audience

09. thu

Creating Lookalike campaigns

10. fri

Advanced optimization (part 1)

Week 3: practice

11. mon

Advanced optimization (part 2)

12. tue

Individual practical task: analysis & optimization

13. wed

Final case in teams

14. thu

Time for teamwork

15. fri

Presenting of results and summing up

Case study

Results of theory course

Career meeting

Lesson content may include:
lectures from leading Welltech UAMs, guides with useful information, lectures on the Meta Blueprint, tests, practical tasks, Q&A sessions with mentors


Selection Process

01. Registration

02. Intro test

03. Motivation form

04. Interview

05. Camp






Fill out the registration form on the website. We will review your application and provide an answer within a few hours.

Take a short intro test (up to 50 min). You can use third-party sources. The ability to find answers is important for us.

Tell us why you want to participate in the project and answer a few questions. This will help us to understand if we are a good match for each other. 

Let's meet online and get to know each other better. Mainly, we will talk about your previous experience and motivation to participate in DM Camp.

If you have reached this stage, it means that all previous selection steps were successful. So, let's study together.

Selection Process

Welltech is all about creating mobile applications that help millions of people around the world improve their health. 


Our main distinguishing feature is the desire to constantly grow, develop and learn new things.

Welltech Academy is an educational platform for talented professionals who are starting their journey in IT.


We will open up the world of professions in the IT industry for you and help you outline the trajectory of your career path. At Welltech Academy, you will have the opportunity to join our Welltech Team.

About us

After camp, you will:

Know how to launch ads through Facebook Ads Manager

Be able to identify effective tools for promoting mobile applications

Understand UAM metrics for performance-based marketing

Have a certificate confirming your participation in the project

Be able to join our team and rapidly grow and develop as an User Acquisition Manager

Before participating in the Сamp, I had considerable experience in SMM, working all the way from junior specialist to Head of SMM. My favorite aspect of work has always been analytics and setting up targeted advertising, so the Сamp was an ideal opportunity to deepen my knowledge in that area.


I was impressed with the amount of practice and feedback at the Сamp. In just one week, we set up 13 large-scale campaigns in personal advertising accounts! As a result, I learned about such subtleties in the settings and optimization of advertising that are never discussed in other courses.


I immediately realized that two weeks of study would not be enough for me because I wanted to do this professionally and full-time :) Therefore, I paid maximum attention to my studies, carefully completed all the practical tasks, and proved myself in the final case to become the best graduate in the group. As a result, I was invited to join the team and I am now promoting one of Welltech's apps, using my knowledge from the Сamp in my daily work.


Digital Marketing Camp graduate, September 2022

User Acquisition Manager at Welltech


  • Who is a User Acquisition Manager (UAM)?
    UAMs launch advertising campaigns with certain settings in order for a specific group of people to see an advertisement and interact with it (click it, install it, make a purchase, etc.). When launching a campaign, it is important to determine who the target audience of the application is to launch ads specifically to them. After that, the campaign needs to be analyzed to determine whether the advertising achieved the targeted KPIs or whether changes need to be made to it. The main task of the UAM is to bring as many paying users to the application as possible, with minimal advertising costs. In addition, UAMs also: perform various tests on the purchase process (audiences, video ads, etc.); analyze the mobile application funnel; find stages that can be improved; attract specialists from different teams to achieve the common goal. To summarize, the UAM places ads on social media and on websites, thereby attracting users to the app. The work of the UAM involves constant dynamics, development, and speed as the digital market changes very quickly.
  • Is there a guarantee of joining the team after the project?
    We don't guarantee cooperation with the company for all participants. Only the best students will get the opportunity to have a final interview and potentially receive an invitation to cooperate.
  • How much does it cost to participate in the camp?
    Participation in Digital Marketing Camp is free.
  • Why is the company organizing a free project?
    Our main goal is to impact product IT development by improving the knowledge and expertise of entry-level specialists. We have the expertise and experience of successfully launching products on the global market, so we strive to share our knowledge with everyone.
  • Who can attend the camp?
    Anyone can take part in the selection process for the camp. Those who successfully complete all the stages will be able to enroll in the camp.
  • What level of English is required for the camp?
    To make sure the camp is comfortable for everyone, intermediate level English or higher is required. It is important that all participants can read, understand and analyze information in English fluently.
  • What will Digital Marketing Camp be like?
    The course program includes online lectures from experts, theory, practical tasks, Q&A sessions with mentors, networking and feedback.
  • How much time will it require daily?
    On average, it takes 2-3 hours a day. But that can increase or decrease depending on your work pace.

Discover new career horizons!

Registration is closed! 

You will be able to participate next time.

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